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      April began to thumb through the book.  It was full of a lot of photos.  Some were black and white.  A lot were that funny kind of color film that they used in the 70ís.  Most were just shots of Sandyís Aunt with friends.  Little notes were scribbled everywhere in the margins.  The rain began to beat softly on the bedroom window.  It was a funny kind of storm.  Most Norí Easterís were all sound and fury.  This one almost sounded gentle, with only an occasional forceful gust of wind driven rain beating upon the window pane. 

      April stopped at one page in particular.  She stared hard at it. 

A Circle of Two: Book of Newport Chapter 3, Page 9.

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The Chief's Literary Association
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Author web site offering "Chief Blackbear" a violent action enovel. Five free chapters are offered. Pay to read the rest. Many Literary links.