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Survival and Balance, con't

Aprilís sleeping form. Sandy has no recollection of making her way to the hospital. She sits dumbfounded into one of the visitorís chairs near the bed. In seconds, fatigue consumes her and sheís fast asleep. A scrapbook materialized with Sandy. It is tucked into the front of her pajamas. The Book is the modified scrapbook that Sandy and April had used before to help the baby bird and to gain Seventh Sight. Thereís a new entry inside from Aunt Penny.
          Sunlight pokes through the roomís blinds. April wakes up. A nurse, newly hired out of nursing school, discovers Sandy sleeping in the visitorís chair and goes to get her supervisor. April, a little disoriented, looks around and spots someone sitting in the visitorís chair. April lets out a yelp of surprise and then recognizes Sandy. Staring curiously at her friend, April tries to lever herself up on the bed and collapses when the paralyzed arm fails to work. She looks at it. The arm only faintly glows in the bright sunlight streaming through the partially open blinds of her roomís window. She props herself up with the good arm and inspects her sleeping friend. April chuckles to herself. She never realized that Sandy snores. Getting back to business, April figures that her friendís appearance in her room has to do with all the craziness with Magik and time travel thatís occurred in the last couple of days.
          Sandy softly snorts once and begins to awaken. Her neck is sore from sleeping with her head hanging forward. Reaching an arm back to massage the back of her neck, Sandy yawns.
          ďGood morning sleepy head,Ē April chides.
          Sandyís eyes go wide, and she falls out of her chair and onto the floor. She looks about wildly until the events of the night come flooding back to her. Sandy feels something rectangular poking at her ribs. She pulls out the scrapbook and immediately recognizes it. Flipping rapidly through the pages, Sandy finds what she is looking for. She finds the new Spell that Aunt Penny said would be in the scrapbook.
          April looks on with a puzzled expression on her face. ďSandy, whatís that youíre looking at?Ē
          Sandy memorizes the Spell, closes her eyes, and does a quick mental review of Meltonís Rules #2 and #3. She reaches out to grab Aprilís arm with one hand and the medallion around her neck with the other arm.


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