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Survival and Balance, con't

Sandy’s eyes open. The thought is horrifying and her full attention immediately focuses on Aunt Penny. “Close your eyes and focus on your own time and your point of origin. Where were you last? . . . Your bedroom?”
          Sandy closes her eyes and shakes her head in affirmation. She begins to tremble. Sandy is having a tough time controlling her fear.
          Aunt Penny wrinkles her brow in concentration. She struggles to quickly think of any advice Sandy can use to help April. “Sandy, Rule #2 is the equal and opposite rule. Check your Book when you get back and look for a Transference Spell. Be careful as to what you transfer the Evil to. Remember Rule #3, the proportional power rule. The residual Seed of Death energy in April will pack a dangerous wallop. Aunt Penny chances a quick hug and pulls away.
          Sandy keeps her eyes closed as she begins to fade out of this time frame. At the last minute Sandy stops thinking about her bedroom and thinks about April in the hospital.
          Aunt Penny feels a shift but isn’t able to identify it. There’s a hushed sound as the surrounding air fills the void where Sandy once stood. The air swirls around Penny and pulls at the loose folds of her dress. The distant tourists turn out of curiosity to search for the source of the sound and found none. They look back along the path they traveled.
          Penny stands there for a moment to collect her thoughts and to worry about April and Sandy. “Hope they’ll be all right,” she says softly to herself. Then Penny adds, “Darn . . . that was my favorite jacket.” She begins heading back to the party where she’d soon be missed. Penny makes a mental note to write a Transference Spell into the Book of Magik she’s preparing for her niece’s future.
          Penny ascends the stairs to the back balcony entrance to the banquet room. In the bright lights and loud din of the restaurant, Penny sees Melissa entering the front of the banquet room about the same time Penny enters from the back. She catches Melissa’s eye and motions her to head over to the champagne punch fountain. The two women wade their way through the crowd. Penny’s progress is hindered by the many well-wishers who want to talk to the birthday girl. Melissa and Penny finally meet at the fountain.


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