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Survival and Balance, con't

stops fighting a deep fatigue that covers her like a fog rolling into Newport harbor. April slowly drifts off to sleep. The last thing April hears, as she drifts off, is the distant sound of the foghorn. Itís a comforting anchor between her present and the recent past she shares with Aunt Melissa. April doesnít know it, but a small circular medallion dangles from a delicate gold chain around her neck. A very thin ring holds, within its boundaries, a stylized number two. Itís another tie, an important tie, between April and Aunt Melissa.
          Sandyís having a fitful night of sleep also. She tosses and turns for hours. The unconscious mind is a strange thing. It has great powers of creativity and achievement denied in the conscious state. Without warning, Sandyís unconscious mind ignores the mental blocks of unbelief and transports her back in time.
          Penny needs a breather from her surprise birthday party. Itís great, itís fun, but the sheer number of people and noise give her a need for fresh air. When she can sneak out unnoticed, she slips out the back service door of the busy restaurant kitchen. Her friends rented out the whole banquet room of one of the nicer Newport harbor restaurants. It
has a grand, second story, view of the fog-shrouded harbor. The banquet room also has a wraparound wooden porch, and a lot of the partygoers are out there tonight. Many are smoking. In this time frame this unfortunate bad habit is fairly common.
          Penny feels invigorated by the cool summer air pouring off the harbor water. She tries to adjust her eyes to the dark, but itís difficult to see with the light streaming out of the kitchen back door. Pulling the jacket of her outfit a little closer she is already plotting her friendly revenge on Melissa. Itís a simple birthday dinner with the girls, is what Melissa told her.
          Well, two can play at that game, Penny thinks. Laughter from the second story balcony catches Pennyís attention and she turns and looks up to see if any of the partygoers spot her. I wonder what my future self told Melissa? It must be important. Melissa left quickly. Hey, why didnít my future self talk to me? Iím capable of talking to myself. Iíve done it many times before. She smiles at her own little joke.
          Suddenly Penny backs into someone in the dark. Turning around,


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