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Survival and Balance, continued

humans we’ll have to live in this world with all of its problems. You are beginning to believe on your own, but this Seed of Evil thing is forcing our hand.”
          “So, why do you think that I don’t believe?”
          “Your disappointment after weaving the Spell of Seventh Sight is strong.”
          “How can you sense that?”
          “It put a pretty hefty ripple in the Fabric of Magik for at least a couple of days,” answers April’s aunt. Melissa strongly hopes that the ripple had only been sensed in the Circle of Newport. “We digress way too far into Advanced Magik. To get you out of your present pickle we need to concentrate on Magik that you can weave now.”
          Melissa gently leads April away from the lifeguard tower. They walk along the beach. It’s then that April notices Melissa’s party dress. Melissa is barefoot. She wisely left her shoes in the car.
          “You were at a . . .”
          “Party, that’s right. Don’t worry about it. This is sort of a small emergency.” There are a few minutes of silence as they continue to walk.
          April feels bad that she interrupted her aunt’s night out, but she’s still too confused by everything that recently happened to let it be her primary concern. April’s last conscious memory is a foggy picture of her parents hovering over her and the whispered words in her ear, “I know what happened. Hang in there; I’ll be back.”
          You know, you’ve got some great friends in Sandy and Mandy,” Melissa says, as she breaks April’s reverie.
          April’s confused. Sandy is definitely a close friend but Mandy is more of an acquaintance. Mandy is someone that April’s drawn to because Courtney’s always picking on her.
          “Mandy was there in the hospital with you. She’ll be gone when you awaken, but she’s real concerned about you.” Aunt Melissa seems to read April’s mind. April instantly feels a little closer to Mandy.
          “Hey, wait a second. I’m in the hospital?” April’s caught off-guard.
          “Yes, as I said earlier, you touched a Seed of Death. It knocked you out and semi-paralyzed you. Lucky for you, it’s only the size of the baby bird’s life force. From Rule #3 we know that the size of the Evil  force 


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