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Survival and Balance, con't

          “You’re . . .”
          “Yes, April. It’s a bit of a shock to see me. No, you are not dreaming. You’ve been sent back to a time when I still lived on Earth.”
          Although April loves her aunt, she always felt awkward around Melissa. In April’s eyes, Melissa’s pretty in a delicate and feminine way. April always feels plain and boyish in comparison. Her athletic physique feels out of sorts with Melissa’s beauty.
          Melissa steps out of the haze and touches April’s arm. A warmth and acceptance spread throughout April. April finally gets over her initial shock and throws herself into her aunt’s arms. With her head pressed tightly against her aunt’s chest, she lets a tear or two roll out of the corner of one eye. The tear itself is lost in the enveloping fog. Time seems to stand still as the two hold each other in the dark. Only the sound of the crashing surf marks the passage of time.
          Melissa doesn’t have to slow down the time frame like Penny did. There’s no one to see them in the dark or to interrupt April’s lesson. April experiences a roller coaster of emotions. Fright, surprise, shock, and love moves on to inquisitiveness, as she steps back from her aunt. April wears a questioning look.
          Melissa raises an eyebrow and waits for April to speak. There’s no need to scare April with the knowledge that Melissa’s powers include mind reading.
          “What do you mean, I’m early?” April asks.
          “I’ve been talking to Sandy’s Aunt Penny from your future timeframe. I pretty much know everything that caused you to be brought here. Sandy is supposed to be the first trained and then you, April. It seems that you touched a Seed of Evil. And now, here you are.”
          “That explains why I’m here but not why I’m early,” April replies. April quickly acclimates herself to this entirely new situation.
          She always was a quick study and quick witted. That will help now, Melissa thinks. Then she answers April. “You’re too early because you still don’t fully believe in Magik.” There was a slight pause in the flow of conversation. “April . . . You live in the Age of Great Unbelief. If the practitioners of Magik had not been successful at transferring most of the Knowledge of Magik into Science, there would be no Magik at all in this world today. Until the day that belief is stronger than distrust in 


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