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An Equal and Opposite Magikal Reaction, continued

          “Aunt Penny said to use our ‘Seventh Sight’ to see the ‘Seeds of Evil’,” Sandy says. Sandy tries hard to try and remember what Aunt Penny had said about the outcomes of the Seeds of Evil. Aunt Penny had also said that she and April needed to do something, but Sandy can’t remember. She slowly looks up into the trees above, where the sounds of chirping birds are coming from.
          That looks like the mother bird from the time April and I saved the baby bird, she thinks. It sounds like mother bird is shrilling a warning.
          “Aunt Penny said? . . . What do you mean? She passed away.” April is unaware of Sandy’s dream visit with Penny. April’s attention is diverted away back to the clump of grass. April stares at the crystal. She appears to be mesmerized. A hypnotic cobra couldn’t have done a better job of luring April into a trance than the glowing black crystal is doing. Her hand slowly reaches out toward the Evil beauty.
          Sandy is mumbling to herself. “Seeds . . . outcome . . . Seeds . . . outcome,” she keeps chanting. Then it hits her all at once. “Rule #2: For every good Magikal Spell there is an equal but opposite Evil potential!” Sandy shouts. Mandy jumps back in surprise from this outburst.
          The Seed of Evil is the result of cheating death. Sandy is trying to think fast. If she can’t remember Aunt Penny’s words maybe she can think through this. Something is very important. She has to remember. Her train of thought is broken as she catches sight of April’s hand extending toward the dark crystal.
          “No!” Sandy screams, but it’s too late. April touches the crystal and the dark glow immediately shoots up her arm; almost to her shoulder. She recoils back in agony, too stunned to cry out. Her bracelet breaks and the beach rose flower disintegrates, showering the air with red petals. April collapses.


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